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Sports glasses with video camera, hands-free wireless Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and polarized matt lens. Frame made in aluminium and magnesium creating an incomparable resistance and lightness. They are perfect for outdoor sports, driving, etc. You can make videos or photos with just a button and answer calls without having to hold the phone. Key features: Perfect sound quality – with Bluetooth 4.0 and noise cancellation technology, they can be connected to your SmartPhone, you can give clear communication and listen to music with HD quality sound thanks to its high quality headphones and perfect connection between your iPhone or Android. Can visualise the videos and photos taken on your phone thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, as well as knowing the state of the battery and 720P HD – high definition automatic camera with 8 megapixels. You can take photos and make videos in high definition. Wi-Fi hotspot synchronisation – can transmit 1GB of HD video to the phone in a minute with 22m/s in direct vision of where the goggles are - without needing the internet. You can view high quality live images to a maximum distance of 30m  – polarized lenses eliminate glare and protect the eyes from UV rays to alleviate eye fatigue and give you clear vision. Long battery life – low consumption. Can make up to 300 minutes of continuous video thanks to its long life battery offering 5 hours of continuous shooting from the camera, 14 hours of continuous talk time through BlueTooth and 8–10 days of standby time. High quality materials – polarised lenses made in Germany. Aluminium and magnesium alloy frame. They can filter 98% of harmful rays and give a clear high vision and true colour blocking glare.

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