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  • Loud 105 Db alarm
  • Built in PIR motion sensor, Wireless
  • 110° scanning area
  • Adjustable wall mounting bracket
  • Comes complete with 2 remote controls,Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Yale EF-Series Telecommunicating Alarm Kit
  • Easy to fit - all accessories are wireless and come pre-linked for quick and easy installation.
  • Expandable - add up to 30 accessories, tailoring the system to your home.
  • Security as standard - secure rolling code transmission, enhanced jamming detection and 868MHz frequency technology.
  • Loud external siren - 104dB siren attracts attention when the alarm is triggered. To minimise interference, avoid locating devices close to metal framework, glass, electrical appliances and electric cables
  • No monthly fee - no contract required putting you firmly in control.
Home Alarm System, Thustar Professional Wireless House Security System Remote Control Intelligent LED Display Voice Prompt House Business GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm Auto Dial Outdoor Siren
  • Loud Emergency Alarm and Easy to Get Help: Children and seniors at home in emergency, press the emergency alarm button of the remote controller, which will trigger all alarms and send emergency calls and messages to other families, so they can get help in time. Support 6 groups preset alarm phone number, if alarm occurs, the host will dial preset number automatically and 10 seconds help voice recording
  • Network Support: The alarm panel built-in GSM Module, it supports EE and Vofafone GSM SIM Card (2g, 3g, 4g can work with our system and this package do not including a SIM Card). When the sensor is triggered, the alarm panel will make an call or send alert message to the alert phone number you set before. The GSM (only) frequency is 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, which can be applied in all over the world; In GSM status, 6 groups calling alert phone number and 2 groups help SMS number you can set
  • The alarm system can be used internationally, it can work under two conditions: No monthly fees and contracts with security companies. No network, standalone on-site alarming; Put-in a GSM SIM card (this package do not including a SIM Card) to call/send alert message, you can choose one of two ways or use all of them. The whole system complete with fully programmable main unit and wireless sensors. Before using, please kindly read user's manual
  • No monthly fees and contracts with security companies. The alarm panel built-in AAA Ni-Hi rechargeable battery that can last about 8 hours (When the power off, the host can continue to work for 8 hours). Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in, passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity, loud, small wired siren up to 110db alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders,host arming, disarming, monitoring, intercom and other functions.
  • Defense Zone Support: Allow up to 99 wireless defense zones and 8 wired zones, 5 groups of scheduled arm/disarmed function; 2 wired siren for different size houses as you need; DIY home security, tool-free setup and assembling, plug and play installation,
Yale Door/Window Contact (EF & SR Alarm Series)
  • Lightweight, compact and slim
  • For main access points around the home
  • Activates the alarm when door/window is opened
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Supplied with fixings and battery
Yale Smart Home Alarm & View Kit
  • Control via smartphone or tablet - arm/disarm and configure your alarm anytime, anywhere via the Yale Home App. Set-Up Requirement:For use in home with broadband connection. Homes with a router required with one free wired network port
  • Remote viewing - the Smart Home Alarm & View Kit includes a PIR Image camera which captures images and displays them on a smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to fit - all accessories are wireless and come pre-linked to the Smart Hub for quick and easy installation. No Monthly Fee - Putting you in control and alerting you directly means there are no monthly fees
  • Expandable - Add up to 20 accessories to tailor the system to your home. Up to 6 out of 20 can be Smart accessories (PIR Image Camera, PIR Video Camera & Power Switch)
  • Part Arming - Set the alarm and secure downstairs while you move freely upstairs. External Siren Output: 104dBA sound pressure at 1 meter minimum
Motion Sensor Alarm with 2 Remote Control Keys, Adjustable Wall Mounting Bracket Included (Ideal for Sheds, Home, Garages, Caravans)
  • AAJ Motion Sensor Alam with 2 Remote Control Keys
  • No batteries Included
Yale Intruder Alert Alarm Kit
  • Contactless Control - Disarm your alarm with one simple tap
  • Extended 200m wireless range - Secure all areas of your home within a 200m range
  • Enhanced Encrypted Security - Professional level security, reducing the risk of interference
  • Phone Call Alerts - Receive immediate phone alerts when your alarm is triggered
  • Part-Arm - Secure your home even when you are in, with zone control
Defender Keypad Dual Function Alarm - Shock Sensor & Magnetic Contact Combo
  • Dual function shock sensor and magnetic contact alarm
  • Powerful 130dBs siren - armed/disarmed via 4 digit code
  • Triggered by both forced entry and sneak-in attempts
  • Perfect for doors and windows around the home, shed or garage
  • Battery powered, with a small solar panel for extending battery life by 18 months
EAZIOR 140DB Police Approved Personal Security Alarm, Mini Loud Staff Panic Rape Attack safety Alarm Self Defense Keyring with Torch for Women Kids Night Worker Anti-theft Alarm (Purple)
  • ✔ Super loud 140DB emergency personal alarm disguised as a bag decoration
  • ✔ Smart portable keychain design is perfect along with house keys and car keys
  • ✔ Great built-in Led flashlight for illuminating dark walkway or finding keyholes
  • ✔ Three replaceable stable LR44 batteries included in package for practical usage
  • ✔ Premium safety alarm and 30-day money-back guarantee for your satisfaction
Tech Traders Wireless Pir Motion Sensor Alarm Plus 2 Remote Controls Shed Home Garage Caravan, White
  • Tech Traders loud 105 dB alarm
  • Built in PIR motion sensor, wireless
  • 110° scanning area
  • Adjustable wall mounting bracket, comes complete with 2 remote controls
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)
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