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Mini Spy Cam Hidden - BUOCEANS® Pro 1080P Portable Small Nanny Cam with Night Vision & Motion Sensor, Perfect Indoor Security Surveillance Camera for Home
  • HIDDEN: The World's Smallest FULL HD Mini Spy Cam at 25mm * 24mm * 24mm. Perfect for CCTV/ Nanny Cam/ Dash Cam - Can Take Photos and Videos!
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Superior Motion Detection Mode Can Make It Easier to Save Storage Space, Which Only Records When Detecting Movement! Enhanced Night Mode Allows for a Clear Display in Low Light Conditions With 6 INFRA-RED LEDs.
  • CONVENIENT: Fast & Easy Set Up! Simple to Use. 2 LEDS Which Indicate the Mode Activated - Just Slot in a Memory Card and Start Recording!
  • STORAGE: Up-to 32GB External Capacity, with Time and Date Stamp Options. Auto-Loop Recording. When the Memory Card is Full, The New Video Records Rewrite Over the Old, Making it More Convenient as a Surveillance System. Transfer Files onto PC using USB Memory Card Reader.
  • ACCESSORIES: Arrives with a Wall Bracket, USB Charger with Video Output Wire, USB Card Reader, Crocodile Clip and a Reset Pin!
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