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Maclean MCE85 Infrared Motion Sensor Modern Flat Range 6m (MCE85)
  • Safe to use, with wide range of application, the device allows you to automatize your home electrical devices and save energy at the same time.
  • Built-in luminosity sensor allows the device to work day and night, or only during limited visibility conditions like evening and night.
  • Detection Range: 360° , Detection distance: 6m, Designed for indoor work
  • Rated Load: Max. 2000W - incandescent bulb / 1000W - energy saving bulb
  • Light-off time delay: Min.10sec±3sec/Max.15min±2min
Maclean PIR (MCE132)
  • Microwave 5.8GHz PIR with light intensity detection for installation in junction boxes
  • Wide range of applications and detection through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.
  • Can work throughout the whole day or only during evening and night hours
  • Maximum Load: 1200W (incandescent bulb), 300W (Energy saving bulb)
  • Detection range up to 15m
Maclean MCE25 Wall Mounted Motion Detector Sensor For Build-Up Auto Switch Body Movement (MCE25)
  • PIR motion detector, 12m Detection Range, Motion Detection Angle: 180°
  • Ambient Light Sensitivity Adjustment: 3-2000 LUX,"On" timer settings: 10sec - 7 min
  • The ability to adjust the level of ambient light intensity at which the device operates
  • Rated Load: Incandescent Bulb 1200W, Fluorescent Bulb 300W
  • Warranty: 24 months, IP44
Maclean MCE20 Ceiling 360 Angle 6m Range PIR Motion Detector Security Sensor Light Auto Switch
  • Motion Detection Range: 6m, Motion Detection Angle: 360°
  • Maximum load: 1200W Incandescent Bulb, 300W Fluorescent Bulb.
  • "On" timer settings: 10sec - 7 min
  • The ability to adjust the level of ambient light intensity at which the device operates
  • Warranty: 24 months
Maclean MCE131 Infra-red LED Ceiling Light with Motion Sensor
  • The product is an energy-saving automatic sensor lamp, adopting integrated circuit and precise detecting components.
  • It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practical functions.
  • Its performance is stable. It can identify day and night.
  • The lamp can turn on when one enters detection field and can turn off automatically when one leaves detection field.
  • The sale contains two variations: the sensor with and without battery option.
Maclean MCE25 Wall Mounted Motion Detector Sensor for Build-Up Auto Switch Body Movement
  • Maclean MCE25 is wall mounted motion detector with three adjustable knobs:
  • SENS to adjust the range of detection between 5m - 12 m.
  • TIME to adjust the "on" time between 10 s - 7 mins.
  • LUX to adjust the ambient light detection sensitivity.
Maclean nbsp;– Mce21W E27 Bulb holder with Dusk Sensor and Timer
  • Power supply: ~ 230V/50Hz
  • Maximum load: 100W incandescent bulb/energy saving bulb 60W (E27)
  • Light sensitivity control: <5-15Lux, a built-in timer: 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12h
  • Detection angle: 360 degrees, class of protection: IP20
  • Operating temperature: - 20°C + 40°C, device works seamlessly with LED bulbs
Maclean MCE32 PIR motion sensor, motion detector 360°, flush mount, sensor with infrared, detector
  • Detection range (wall): 120° ,Detection range (ceiling): 360°
  • Detection Distance: 3m/6m
  • Ambient Light Settings: 10 - 2000 LUX
  • Timer: 5/30 s, 1/3/5/8 min
  • Rated Load (incandescent bulb): 800W , Rated Load (Energy saving bulb): 200W
Maclean MCE 33 White Energy Automatic PIR Security Light Lamp w Twilight Sensor IP44
  • Maclean Energy MCE33 is a energy-saving automatic light with a built-in motion detector and a clever dusk to dawn detection system.
  • Excellent as a security light, which you expect to automatically turn on upon movement detection. With the dusk to dawn detection it can be set to either trigger the light on only when it gets dark, or throughout the whole day. With precise detection mechanism and IP44 it is an excellent automatic patio light.
  • High quality automation accessories, only from Maclean Energy !
Maclean MCE136 Microwave Motion Detector with External Sensor Body Movement Presence Sensor
  • The product is a new saving-energy product; it adopts microwave sensor mould with high-frequency electro-magnetic wave (5.8GHz) and integrated circuit.
  • It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practical functions.
  • Its installation is very convenient and its using is very wide.
  • It works by receiving human motion.
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