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EPOSGEAR Minder Ultra Thin Window Glass Vibration Security Burglar Alarm for Homes, Cars, Sheds, Caravans, Motorhomes etc (1, Without Extra Batteries)
  • Slim, sleek and attractive design. Just attach it to the window to protect the property from unauthorised entry.
  • Attach the vibration alarm to the window by removing the film covering the adhesive warning sticker on the rear of the unit. Swith the unit 'ON' to arm and 3 short beeps will be heard. Once armed, if anyone attempts false entry a 120dB siren will sound for approx. 25 seconds. To disarm switch to 'OFF' position.
  • Supplied with batteries. Please test occasionally and replace once a year.
  • Perfect for: - Home - Office - Sheds - Garages - Motorhomes - Boats - Vehicles - Outbuildings
Sterling KM2 Key Minder 2 Secure Key Storage Box
  • Secure storage for keys
  • 10,000 resettable combinations
  • Weather resistant
  • "0-0-0-0" Auto stop aids opening in poor light
  • Strong zinc die-cast body resists attack
Minder Loud Door Window Vibration Shock Glass Break Alarm 110dB - Also Ideal for caravans, motorhomes
  • Senses any shock, breakage or vibrations and responds by activating the powerful siren
  • Loud 110 Decibel Siren
  • Low and High sensitivity options
  • Batteries not included
  • 3M tape included for easy fixing - Warning Sticker Included
Minder MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor Home Garage Shed Burglar Wireless Security Alarm with IR Remote Control (Without Batteries, Black)
  • The Mini PIR Alarm is a freestanding or wall mounted programmable alarm which can protect your property from unauthorised entry. The remote control allows safe entry exit from your property.
  • Easy to use - single button press to arm and disarm the device from range. 30 second exit delay and 5 second entry delay.
  • Loud alarm - when activated emits a 130dB siren for 30 seconds with automatic rearm. Can be used in away mode as standard, or home mode if used with window/door sensors.
  • Quick to install - as the unit is battery powered, no wiring is required. Simply mount the device where required, or use as a freestanding unit.
  • Working distances (open area): PIR - up to 6m at 90-100 degrees angle, Remote key fob - up to 30m
NRS Healthcare Memo Minder Reminder Aid - Motion Sensing & Activated
  • NRS Healthcare Memo Minder Reminder Aid - Motion Sensing & Activated
  • Motion activated infrared device that senses motion and plays pre-recorded reminder message
  • Record clear, digital message or warning in a familiar voice, up to 20 seconds long
  • Measures: 132 x 70 x 60mm (5 x 2.75 x 2.25")
  • Ideal as an elderly and dementia care device. Proven bogus caller crime deterrent
Minder® 140db Police Approved Black Mini Minder Loud Personal Staff Panic Rape Attack Safety Security Alarm Keyring - Secured by Design Approved (Police Preferred Specification) - With Spare Set of Batteries and Additional Carabiner Clip (Blue)
  • The Genuine Minder range of personal alarms are Secured by Design Approved (Police Preferred Specification) and have also been independently tested by Sold Secure, receiving the Gold Award. You will not find any other full range of Personal Alarms which have these accreditations. Be assured that when you buy a 'MINDER' you are choosing a product with the highest standards. 'RELY ON THE BEST'.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Police approved personal alarms have a serarate keyring to the activation pin. So unlike many of our competitors (who sell models where the keyring is the activation pin) in an emergency you can simply throw the pin away. Keeping the alarm and your keys on your person. Having a separate keyring to the activation pin also avoids accidental false alarms.
  • A trendy looking Alarm available in a range of metallic colours, matching many of today's must have gadgets (phones, iPods, etc.). One of our best selling Alarms due to its small size and ear piercing 140db siren. Unlike many Key-ring Alarms this model has a separate Alarm cord to the Key-ring which avoids false activation.
  • - Small size with the designer look appealing to younger Employees - (40mm x 45mm x 16mm) - Pull Pin Activation - 140 Decibel Siren - Alkaline Batteries Included - Separate Key-Ring with interchangable carabiner clip
  • Supplied with a spare set of batteries.
Minder Battery Powered Fake Dummy TV Simulator Home Security Crime Prevention Device Theft Burglary Deterrent (Without Batteries)
  • Introducing the new Minder TV Simulator. The Minder TV Simulator looks like a real television in your home so if you leave it on during darkness burglars will be discouraged to break in to your house as they will think you are in/still awake!
  • Statistics show that most burglars do not want to run the risk of having to confront someone in the house they are breaking into. The Minder TV Simulator suggests to the potential burglar that someone is in the house so they will probably move onto an easier target.
  • No one wants to leave their TV on because it uses too much electricity and it can reduce the life of your TV which is not advisable as TV's are very expensive items. The Minder TV Simulator imitates scene changes, light fades, light flickers, on-screen motion and colour changes so it appears to a burglar outside that someone inside is watching the television.
  • Burglars know that breaking into an occupied house and confronting a person massively increases the risk of him being caught and it also increases the seriousness of the offence and hence a prison sentence if they are caught.
  • The Minder Simulated Television is battery operated (not included unless chosen) so extremely portable and can be moved with ease to anywhere in the property
Eazior 140DB Police Approved Personal Security Alarm, Mini Loud Staff Panic Rape Attack safety Alarm Self Defense Keyring with Torch for Women Kids Night Worker Anti-theft Alarm (Black+Purple+Silver)
  • ✔ Super loud 140DB emergency personal alarm disguised as a bag decoration
  • ✔ Smart portable keychain design is perfect along with house keys and car keys
  • ✔ Great built-in Led flashlight for illuminating dark walkway or finding keyholes
  • ✔ Three replaceable stable LR44 batteries included in package for practical usage
  • ✔ Premium safety alarm and 30-day money-back guarantee for your satisfaction
EPOSGEAR Mini Glass Minder 110dB Door Window Vibration Shock Security Alarm with Warning Sticker - Perfect for Caravans, Sheds and Greenhouses (1, With Batteries)
  • Quick and easy to install without cables or screws. Simply attach to the window, door or device you wish to protect with the included sticky pad (which also doubles as a warning sticker).
  • The Glass Minder is an effective low cost vibration alarm with a 110dB siren that can be used for securing windows or patio doors.
  • The alarm is fixed to a window with sticky pad (included).
  • The Glass Minder has a choice of high or low sensitivity settings and can also be used to alarm personal property such as computers, TVs and DVD players.
  • Now comes with a highly visible Warning Sticker for an increased deterrent.
Minder® Loud Wrist Worn Jogger Jogging Runner Running Walker Personal Panic Attack Rape Safety Security Alarm with Velcro Strap 130dB (Blue, Without Spare Batteries)
  • The Wrist Alarm is one of the trendiest and most forward thinking Personal Alarms on the market. Discreetly disguised as a Wrist watch the Wrist Alarm can be easiliy activated by simple push button activation.
  • The Wrist Alarm is extremely simple and subtle. The Alarm would be unnoticed by an attacker, second nature to you and quickly activated. The Wrist alarm deters attackers or intruders but also draws attention to yourself, for example, if you need help or medical attention.
  • Traditional personal safety alarms are designed so that they are put in a handbag, carried or sometimes clipped to a belt. The Wrist Alarm is designed to be worn on the wrist and therefore can be very unobtrusive. The Wrist Personal Alarm is a hands free unit which gives personal safety protection without hindering day to day activities.
  • The alarm can be easily attached and removed when no longer required, simply by tearing the strips apart. The straps are of suitable length to fit most users. The Wrist Alarm is activated by pressing the button on the side of the unit, stopping the alarm is done by simply pressing the button again to deactivate.
  • Size: 40mm x 35mm x 10mm - 130 dB at Source
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