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Nedis Table Jukebox with CD Player and FM/AM Radio, 3W, AC Powered, Brown Woodline Plastic
  • HIGH QUALITY SIGNAL: The mini jukebox radio ensures high quality signal reception without interference and extra noises. Enjoy your favourite evening show on the vintage style FM/AM radio.
  • MORE MUSIC: The retro radio plays your favourite records with CD jukebox player! Just insert your beloved CD and the jukebox speaker would play it loud as the built-in lights would glow adding more 60s style to the home jukebox.
  • VINTAGE STYLE: The mini jukebox CD player and radio in plastic wooden style cover, with glowing lights and display looks like real back to 60s jukebox! Make the electronic jukebox part of your vintage interior or bring the CD jukebox with you on a retro style party.
  • POWERFUL SOUND: The vintage radio and CD jukebox speaker ensures a clear and powerful sound that takes you back to 60s!
  • EASY TO POWER: Plug the power cord of the retro jukebox into an electricity socket and enjoy your favourite cod or radio channel!
NEDIS WIFICO10CWT WiFi Smart IP Camera | Outdoor | Waterproof | HD 720p
  • Records in HD resolution (720p) for detailed footage
  • Incorporates a 16-GB internal memory
  • Waterproof housing (IP65) for outdoor security
NEDIS DUMCBS10SR Dummy Security Camera | Bullet | IP44 | Silver
  • This product requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • This product is splash proof (IP44) and can be placed outdoors
  • The integrated solar panel recharges the batteries
NEDIS WIFICI20CGY WiFi Smart IP Camera | Pan/Tilt | HD 720p
  • Records in HD (720p) to capture every detail
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128 GB (not incl.)
  • Move the camera with your phone to observe a large area
  • Sends push notifications to your smartphone
Nedis WIFICI05CWT - Surveillance Camera (IP Security Camera, Indoor, 3 dBi, Black, White, Desktop/Wall)
  • Records in HD (720p) to capture every detail
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128 GB (not incl.)
  • Sends push notifications to your smartphone
Nedis Wi-Fi Smart Wall Switch for Curtain, Shutter or Sunshade Controller, Voice Control via Alexa or Google Home, IFTTT, Plug & Play, No Hub or Subscription Required, SmartLife
  • EASY CONTROL: Press buttons, speak or schedule! Say to the wall switch for Alexa or Google to close the sunshade before entering the room, or set timer and the shutter control would open the window in the morning. The wireless smart home controller would pull the sunshade up when your smart home lamp goes off.
  • EASY TO SCHEDULE: Set the wireless switch to close sunshades at 6 am or to open the curtains at 7 pm. And even your neighbours would not notice that you are away!
  • EASY TO COMBINE: Install free and no subscription required SmartLife application on your iOS or Android phone or tablet and command the remote wall switch to close the smart home curtains as the TV goes on!
  • EASY TO CONNECT: The remote wall switch connects directly to your Wi-Fi network without extra hub or cables. Enjoy your smart home curtains!
  • EASY CARE AND STYLE: The smart home switch is an easy-to-clean discreet unit that perfectly fits into any home design and glows in dark for you to find.
Konig Professional Dummy Outdoor Camera Flashing LED - Metalic Brown
  • CCTV dummy camera in outdoor housing and (fake) IR LED
  • Professional design for the impression of security
  • With built-in flashing LED
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Conforms to EN6100 -6:3 2001
NEDIS WIFICI11CWT WiFi Smart IP Camera | Climate sensor | FULL HD 1080p
  • Records in Full HD resolution (1080p) for detailed footage
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128 GB (not incl.)
  • Including humidity and temperature sensors to create the optimal climate in your bedroom, for example
Nedis AAMP16120BK PA Amplifier | 600 W
  • A built-in fan prevents the amplifier from overheating
  • Select the optimal gain
Nedis WLTK0800BK Walkie-Talkie | Range 8 km | 8 Channels | VOX | 2 Pieces | Black
  • 8 channels and 38 CTCSS codes to keep conversations private
  • As soon as you start talking, the walkie-talkie switches on automatically - perfect for hands-free use
  • Built-in LED light in case you need additional illumination
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