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PNZEO Spy Camera 1080P HD Hidden camera Mini Wireless wifi camera for iPhone/Android Phone/ iPad/PC Remote View Support 128GB Micro SD card
  • This is a mini WiFi camera, has a lens with a 9 inch-flexible flat cable, by which could fix or refit on any place in demand,It could connect with wireless network , therefore, wherever you are, you could conduct remote view; it also can doesn't need to connect any network, just operate the buttons on camera to photograph and video record as a portable camera.
  • This camera adopts the new generation of HD processing chip that could support monitoring with 1080P HD resolution. The camera could support 128G micro sd memory card,can store up to 4 months of video files,All recorded video files could be remote downloaded, played or deleted by mobile phone APP which
  • The camera has the function of motion detecting alarm. Once any motion has been detected in front of lens, the camera will send an alarm message to your APP with snapshot photo together, by which could help you to know the site situation timely.
  • The camera has a built-in 450 mA lithium battery which could support recoding continuously for 1.5 hours. Besides, the camera also could be charged by portable power source, household socket power supply or 5V vehicle power supply to realize its long time working.
  • Easy-to-use mobile phone APP(both IOS and Android available) + PC multi-end operation, just download the application on the phone / tablet, can Point to Point of real-time monitoring;the camera connected to the home wireless network, you can remotely watch live video / receive motion detection alarm Tips and Pictures / Playback Memory Card Video files.
Hidden Camera Mini Spy camera 1080P HD Infrared night-vision wide-angle recorder super-small stealth sport camera Body-worn camera
  • The camera has a 140 degree wide angle lens, by which could take a photo with a very wide range, and could have good video and photo effect at night by means of 6 infrared night sight lamps. Night sight lamps will not give any light while working.
  • Its size is very small, as big as thumb, and weight is only about 20g. It has a back splint which could be revolved at 360 degree, and has a string could be used to hang around user's neck, therefore, it's also very easy to carry. Besides, it's equipped with a holder could be adjusted at 180 degree and easy to fix any place owing to having a 3M back glue paper. All these could help to make the most of the camera.
  • Camera has a built-in lithium battery with 420 mA which could support recoding continuously for 2.5 hours, besides, the camera also could work by connecting with 5 V power supply. If there's any electricity failure, it could save file automatically, don't worry about the file being lost.
  • The camera could support memory card from 8G to 64G and it's easy to handle file because it could cyclic cover, that is to say, new recording file will automatically cover and delete oldest recorded file without any manual operation. It could always cyclic cover oldest file to save newest file, but this function could be set. If you don't want to cover old file, you could set uncover mode. The recorded video file could display right time watermark or not by simple setting
  • Main Function: Record, motion detection( object moves in front of camera lens, it will start to record automatically), photograph, infrared night sight, cyclic covering, charging while recording, display time watermark
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