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Smartwares CIP-39901 Guardian PIR Security Camera, Light and Alarm
  • Prevent burglary : Watch live footage quickly and easily with the free Smart wares View app, available for Android and iOS. A notification to your smartphone ensures you'll know if the camera detects motion. Watch the live footage and trigger the remote alarm if necessary. Feel safe and secure wherever you are.
  • High quality camera : The camera records in 1080p full HD, providing high quality footage. The wide viewing angle of 140° means you can monitor a large area of your driveway or garden. Plus, for extra peace of mind, the camera can be set to record based on motion, non-stop or manually.
  • Extra-long recording : An 8GB SD card is included, or upgrade to a max 128GB SD card (not included) to record up to 6400 minutes of footage. If the micro SD card is full, the oldest recordings will be overwritten, ensuring the most recent footage is always available.
  • Effective security light : The Guardian is not just a security camera, but also functions as a security light - never come home in the dark again. The light turns on automatically when motion is detected at night, meaning that the camera records clear footage, making you feel safe and secure. Adjust and dim the light remotely using the free App. In addition, the Guardian is robustly constructed, and can be rotated and tilted, making it easy to adjust the camera's position.
  • Easy to install : Fit The Guardian security camera and light quickly and easily by connecting it to existing outdoor lighting wiring. Add different Smart wares cameras and Wi-Fi doorbells to the Smart wares View app, for simple access to all your security devices.
Smartwares Plug and Play Wireless IP66 Protected Network Camera with SD Card Slot Recording Function
  • Plug and play installation
  • Automatic motion sensor recording
  • Cameras with audio reception
Smartwares SH5-RBS-10A SmartHome radio built-in switch 1000 watt
  • Wireless built-in power switch
  • Control devices up to 1000w
  • Perfect using with any Smart wares smart home switch
  • Control with each HomeEasy &SmartHome Remote Control compatible with HomeWizard
  • For devices and lights up to 1,000 watts
  • For standard, Halogen, LED and energy saving lights
  • Radio range up to 30 metres outdoors
  • Self-learning recipient
Smartwares BYRSH5TSOB Home Security & Door Entry Systems, Grey
  • Compatible with all Smart wares switches
  • Battery operated
  • Indoor only
  • This device can only be used for Smartwares Smarthome series receivers
  • 1 channel for individual and one for Multi-Control/HomeWizard compatible
  • Shuts off automatically turns on at dusk and on at the set time (sensitivity)
  • Radio range of up to 25 metres in open field
  • Battery included
  • Signal can pass through Windows, doors, walls and ceilings
  • This device can only be used for Smartwares Smarthome series receivers.
Smartwares Indoor Pan and Tilt IP Camera
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Durable
  • Simple operation
Smartwares Video Intercom Device for Door with Flat Touchscreen Panel, Colour Monitor, VD71W SW
  • Anti-vandalism camera: yes.
  • Illuminated push button: yes.
  • Remote opening button: yes.
  • Wired or wireless: wired.
  • Adjustable volume: yes.
Elro VD71 Video Door Intercom with A Flat Touch Screen Panel
  • 7-inch (17.8 cm) TFT flatscreen monitor
  • Doorbell volume can be adjusted
  • Up to 1 m night vision
  • With 10 m cable
Smartwares 10.017.20 (ES46) Motion Detector, White
  • Home automation system - free
  • SW Es46 wall mount indoor
  • White
Smartwares SC07/3 Mini Alarm Set – Magnetic door and window alarm – 3 pieces – 85 dB
  • Easy to use and install with just some adhesive tape or screws
  • Ideal for doors, windows but also for smaller objects such as medicine cabinets
  • Switch the alarm easily on and off by using the switch on the side of the alarm unit
  • Set of three alarms to secure multiple places in at home
  • No complicated alarm system but three small simple alarms
Smartwares Plug and Play Wi-Fi Network IP Dome Camera with Optical Zoom for Outside Area
  • Supports up to 9 users online simultaneously / app available
  • Simple operation
  • Can pivot via the Internet 355 degrees, 90 tilt and zoom
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